Tales of The Tribunal

Disputes Digest #45 - October 25, 2021

October 26, 2021

Disputes Digest Research Note (October 18 to October 24)

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AIAC Pre-Moot, Here



  1. UK-New Zealand Free Trade Deal, Here
  2. ISDS: Parenco v. Ecuador, Here
  3. FS Cairo v. Brownile, Here
  4. Dubai Union Properties Arbitration, Here



  1. Texas A&M Fellows, Here
  2. LCIA Postings, Here
  3. CiArb Maritime Arbitration, Here


  1. ICC Croatia, Here
  2. Law Weekend 2021, Here
  3. Germany VYAP Launch, Here


None of the views shared today or any episode of Disputes Digest is presented as legal advice nor advice of any kind.  No compensation was provided to any organization or party for their inclusion on the show nor do any of the statements made represent any particular organization, legal position or view point.  All interviewees or organizations included appear on an arms-length basis and their appearance should not be construed as any bias or preferred affiliation with the host or host’s employer.  All rights reserved.

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