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Catherine Rogers, Arbitrator Intelligence

Catherine Rogers, Arbitrator Intelligence

September 5, 2019

              Technology and Data Analytics are changing nearly every aspects of our lives.  From Sports to business, to food and medical care—The world of #international #arbitration is not immune from the revolution nature of tech and data.  Innovators, like this week’s guest @Catherine Rogers, know this all to well and are providing #solutions to the industry’s needs.

              Listen to her story of practical innovation and technology on the #SeasonFinale of #TalesOfTheTribunal

1) Penn State Launch Box

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3) Book Reference: Frederick Douglas

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Adwoa Ghartey-Tagoe Seymour, Cox Enterprises

Adwoa Ghartey-Tagoe Seymour, Cox Enterprises

August 29, 2019

A background in #InternationalRelations seems to be a gateway for #CareersInArbitration – Indeed, this week’s guest followed that path to law school and after a successful stint at what is now Bryan Cave, and landing #Inhouse with Cox Enterprises – Adwoa Ghartey-Tagoe Seymour shares how her experience within the world of #International #ADR in practice and as a member of @ATLAS – Take a listen:

  1. Atlanta International Arbitration Association

    1. And their Conference
  2. Singapore Convention
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Rose Rameau, International Arbitrator

Rose Rameau, International Arbitrator

August 22, 2019

When opportunity calls, you answer.  And this time when the call came, on the other line was Rose Rameau. a multi-lingual, multi-national practitioner who has practiced, sat as arbitrator, and taught on the subjects of international commercial arbitration and investment arbitration.  Her story is one of forging your own path and creating your own identity in the field where you want to work.

Sit back, and take a listen—






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Saadia Bhatty, Gide

Saadia Bhatty, Gide

August 15, 2019

Just before the summer sun sets on the Thames, I found myself traveling to one of London’s many looming skyscrapers to hear the tale of one Saadia Bhatty.  A one-time aspiring International Relations professional turned lawyer with the Gide Loyrette Nouel law firm in #London. 

Saadia tells a tale about earning her stripes as a lawyer, while simultaneously advocating and championing causes that close to her heart.  Greater awareness of the burgeoning talent pool in Pakistan and the need for greater gender #diversity in the world of international #ADR.



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Mercy McBrayer, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb)

Mercy McBrayer, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb)

August 8, 2019

Nestled among the streets of London is an assuming building from the outside, filled with historical relevance and ambiance and there sits the Charted Institute of Arbitrators—a leading organization responsible for educating and credentialing professionals in the world of dispute resolution.

And it is Mercy McBrayer, the Director of Academics and Research at the institute that helps the institute complete that mission. 

Hear her story and about some of the cool things happening at the Institute!

1. Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

2. CIArb Podcast

3. Book Reference: "A Brand New World: The Evolution and Future of Arbitration" available Nov. 19



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Amanda Lee, Seymours

Amanda Lee, Seymours

August 1, 2019

In every field there are those that set the trends that other’s will follow.  Those that use their platform to influence future generations…this week’s guest’s is one such person—

Amanda Lee is the mastermind behind #CareersInArbitration an initiative to remove the opacity from working in international arbitration.  She’s also got a sharp wit and a fascinating set of hobbies when she isn’t winning cases, sitting as arbitrator and mentoring.

Here are a link to some of the things we talked about on today's show.

  1. #CareersInArbitration
  2. Mindfulness
  1. University of Law
  2. Seinfeld (In case you haven’t heard of him)
  3. The referenced book of Magic: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hiding-Elephant-Magicians-Invented-Impossible/dp/0099476649


8TH ANNUAL ATLAS CONFERENCE – September 8th, 9th and 10th in Atlanta

Mica Worthy, CIAS

Mica Worthy, CIAS

July 25, 2019

Being a fellow native of the Carolinas myself, it was a pleasure to have Mica Worthy of CIAS on the show this week.  Mica has been a major driver of the development of international business and dispute resolution for the better part of the last decade.  She’s a former Mootie, and is along with her organization envisions putting the Carolinas on the Arbitration World’s Map.  She’s also a pilot—Hear about that and more on this week’s episode!



  1. Vis Moot

    1. Moot Alumni Association
  2. Mica’s Firm, Cranfill Sumner
Rekha, Rangachari, NYIAC

Rekha, Rangachari, NYIAC

July 18, 2019

This week’s guest is Rekha Rangachari, of NYIAC.  Having practiced law around the world, and now working on the front lines leading an arbitration organization in one of the world’s largest markets puts Rekha at the forefront of community building in the International Dispute Resolution world in the US. 

Also, we may or may not have an #Avengers and #Arbitration related metaphor during the interview…I digress, enjoy the show, and check out some links to the things discussed below.



  1. New York City Bar

    1. Legal Women’s Group
  2. New York State Bar
    1. Diversity
    2. Law Sections
  1. Charlotte International Arbitration Society
  2. Atlanta International Arbitration Society
  3. The Avengers
Sarah Grimmer, HKIAC

Sarah Grimmer, HKIAC

July 11, 2019

Its not every day you get the Secretary-General of a major arbitral institution to be a guest on your show, but ToT lucked out by getting an exclusive interview with Sarah Grimmer of the HKIAC!   

Sarah shared fascinating stories about how she has practiced around the world and developed a career that has lead her to steering the helm at one of the world's leading international arbitration organizations.  She also shares insights on maintaining balance and fostering quality relationships with mentors and/or sponsors.


Here are some links to things talked about during the show:

1) Book Reference: Relentless, by: David Gething

2) Movie Reference: What Happened, Miss Simone



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Claudia Winkler, The Negotiation Academy

Claudia Winkler, The Negotiation Academy

June 27, 2019

What happens when you combine a young Austrian lawyer and a  savvy young entrepreneur from Harvard? 

You get this week’s guest—Claudia Winkler of the Negotiation Academy and I sat down as the last installment of the interviews I did while in Vienna and it was a enlightening and fun time.  Claudia has great insights on not only figuring out what you want pursue in your career, but how to engage mentors in a meaningful way—oh, and how to start a successful multi-national legal training company.

I hope you enjoy this tale!



  • 1) The International Disputes Professional Academy (The Negotiation Academy event) further information and registration link can be found here.
  • 2) 11thAnnual AIJA Conference in Zurich. Further information and registration can be found here.
  • 3) The Magic Words: Language Translation in Litigation or Arbitration (Free ABA Webinar, CLE)

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