Tales of The Tribunal

Timiebi Aganaba, Arizona State University

July 22, 2021

This week Tales of the Tribunal is out of this world, LITERALLY – As we welcome Space Law scholar and expert Timiebi Aganaba of Arizona State University.  Timiebi is a thought leader in the Space Industry and an advocate for human rights as man-kind increasingly engages with life amongst the stars.  During our conversation she also talks about the ways in which the development of space operations has impacts on daily life and also poses unique considerations for the environment. She also had some fantastic recommendations for musical tunes that you can blast when flying your space cruiser.


Enjoy the show!


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Opening Notes – :34

Interview Begins – 2:35

Personal Interest – 51:38

Closing Notes – 1:09:50


BOOK: “Why We’re Polarized”by Ezra Klein and “Losing the Sky” by Andy Lawrence and Brian May

MEDIA: Some Space Jams 😉

Space Pioneers: Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson


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