Tales of The Tribunal

ToT SeThe Palm Oil Episode - Ivan Kasynyuk and Pavlo Lebediev

January 3, 2022


In a Tales of the Tribunal special episode, we sat down with two lawyers who work in the palm oil industry--Ivan Kasynyuk a partner at AGA Lawyers, and Pavlo Lebediev, an associate at the same firm..  They share insights from working with with FOSFA contracts, developing legal expertise in an industry and lessons learned from their own career.  They even drop some useful tips for those of you preparing for the Moot.



Opening Notes - :33

Interview Begins - 2:30

Closing Notes - 1:01:13



Announcement 1: If you enjoy this episode, you'll also want ot sign up for an event hosted by the Moot Alumni Association titled "Everything you Wanted to Know About Palm Oil", which will feature comments from speakers actively working in the palm oil industry -- The event is on January 7, 2021 and registration is available at the link below:




Announcement 2: Registration for book launch event with Dr. Kabir Duggal and Dr. Harald Sippel on "Force Majeure and Hardship in the Asia Pacific Region".  Registration link is below:




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